Hi , this is my first post baked egg-less wheat flour double chocolate banana cake with almonds and raisins came out perfect, awesome texture and tasty.


Wheat flour (regular roti flour) = 1 ½ cup – 2tbsp (remove 2tbsp of wheat flour)
Corn flour= 2tbsp
Cocoa powder= ¼ cup
Baking powder= 1tsp
Baking soda= ½ tsp
Salt = ½ tsp
Powdered sugar = ¾ cup
Mashed banana = ¾ cup ( 3 medium size maximum riped )
Milk = ¾ cup
Oil = ½ cup
Vanilla essence = 1tsp
Choco chips = ½ cup
Black raisin = ¼ cup
Almond chopped = ¼ cup



Preheat the oven @ 175 degrees for 15 mins. Grease rectangular 9” x 5” tin and dust it with flour. Place parchment paper at the bottom of the tin and keep it aside. In a mixing bowl add mashed banana + powdered sugar and just mix it and keep it aside. ( I used maximum ripened banana before it could go into the dustbin.) sieve wheat flour+ cornflour+ baking powder + baking soda + cocoa-powder + salt 5 to 6 times. Now beat the banana sugar mixture with hand mixer, add oil + milk + vanilla essence and just mix. To this add the flour mixture and mix well to form a smooth batter. Fold in black raisins . Pour the batter into the prepared cake tin and sprinkle with choco-chips + chopped almonds. Bake it in the preheated oven for 25 mins or a skewer stick inserted comes out clean. Kindly adjust the timer as per your oven settings cool completely and then cut the cake please. The cake tastes better on second day.

Healthy eating, Healthy living, Happy baking.


  1. Nice to see you finally stepped into blogging!! Will wait for your experiments as they will be of high quality!! All the very Best Bharath!! Nurture your dream, it will lead you to new levels!! On this auspicious day you are starting your journey, hope it will be as sweet as your lovely bakes!!👍👌💐🎂

  2. Hi Bharath!
    Lovely new blog. 🙂
    A suggestion, please post your recipes in sentence case? It makes for easy reading.

    Thanks much! Looking fwd to trying out some of your recipes.

  3. I can’t explain how happy to know about your blog I love your recipes as my kids can eat dinner whole cake and I am not scared thanks please keep sharing

  4. Lovely recipe and nice to see your blog. Just a small request. Can you post the recipes using standard 250 ml measuring cup also .since most use the standard 250 ml cup its difficult to convert all the ingredients from 200 ml to 250 ml especially baking powder/ baking soda etc.

  5. Respected sir
    Tried egg less wheat double chocolate cake. Very happy with result. Thank you so much for this blog. It is a major help to me.

    Query: 1) can I replace dates instead of raisin?
    2) what is the purpose of adding cornflour?

    Thank you

  6. Hello sir I always admire your recipes in home bakers guild group……am using 250ml cup…. Could u pls mention your ingredients in gms too it will be helpful for the beginners like me thanks…..

  7. Hello Bharath,

    I have tried your banana wheat cake recipe for the first time and it came out really sponge and tastes was awesome. Thanks for the wonderful and foolproof recipe.


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