Hello there, welcome to Wheat-a-licious, a blog for delicious recipes of egg-less, wheat based bakes, i.e. Cakes, Cookies, bread etc.

I am Bharath Kumar, I am from Bangalore, India and I am a hobby baker. Wheat-a-licious is all about baking using easily available, simple ingredients, which are healthy as well as delicious. To re-iterate my recipes are eggless and mainly wheat based.

My aim is to bake healthy, so I experiment with ingredients and use healthier alternatives. All the recipes in this blog are particularly suitable for home bakers. In this blog, I set out to demonstrate that one can create delicious and professionally finished goods using simple tools and easy techniques.

Over the years, I have enjoyed baking for my family and friends and never missed an opportunity to bake. At home, my little nieces Smitha, Riddhi and Niddhi are my eternal inspiration. Also, Being a part of Home Baker’s Guild (HBG) inspired me further and the reason to create this blog.

I find it fun, therapeutic and I truly believe baking can make people happy. I hope that you will feel enticed and enjoy baking eggless, wheat flour recipes from this blog and that it will become an invaluable source of inspiration for many years to come.

Happy to share that Wheat-a-licious was ranked in the Top 10 Eggless Baking Blogs and Websites on the Web by Feedspot

If you try any of my recipes, please leave a comment and let me know how it turned out.

Healthy eating, healthy living, happy baking